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Who I Am

Felix Natal Jr.
Professional Photographer

About Me

A native of Harlem, New York, Felix Natal didn’t always have the same drive and determination he possesses today. As a teenager who jumped between five different high schools throughout New Jersey, Natal was faced with a great deal of adversity. However, while attending a night class at Passaic Community College, Felix met who would become one of his greatest mentors, Jerry Weiss. He encouraged Felix to apply to the prestigious School of Visual Arts in order to hone his photography talent and skills. After being accepted, Felix turned to his mother, his biggest fan, not only for encouragement but for financial assistance. “What motivates me to work so hard is the fact that my mom worked so hard,” Felix says in reference to his mother’s tireless effort to help provide him an education which has led him to the success he’s gained today. Read more...

The Work We Do


I shoot both in studio and on location. We can also provide hair, makeup, and location scouting services.


My team and I provide a full range of post production editing and digital retouching options.

Next Steps

Pricing options are flexible. Email me for a quote felixnataljr@gmail.com.

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What My Clients Say

Actress, Model, Dancer, Web Personality

I've had the opportunity to work with Felix on numerous occasions. Never think twice about shooting with this man.

Rapper, Entrepreneur

Felix's chemistry with artists is great. Wherever you're willing to shoot, he's willing to work.

Professional Athlete, Indianapolis Colts

Felix is professional and consistent. He is truly a master of his craft. I trust Felix with all of my photography needs.


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If you're interested in booking Felix Natal Jr. for your next photography project, please email me at felixnataljr@gmail.com

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